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iF You Need Letters or Graphics

Ready-to-apply vinyl lettering options from iFsigns are precision-cut with a computer-operated vinyl cutter. The letters are sandwiched between a paper backing and a tape mask for ease of use.

Labels and Decals - Idaho Falls, ID

Labels & Decals

Our labels and decals are printed in full color with high-quality ink. An economical option to get your message across, these vinyl stickers leave very little, if any, adhesive residue and can be repositioned if necessary.

Vehicle Graphics - Idaho Falls, ID

Vehicle Graphics

One of the most cost-efficient ways to advertise is with vehicle graphics. Car magnets are one of the most affordable choices for reaching a wide audience. Whether your vehicle is parked near a busy highway or driving down the freeway, your magnetic signs are doing your advertising work for you. Get your message across with a high-quality, full-color custom image or graphic on your car magnet, and then just drive. These magnetic signs are constructed to withstand outdoor weather and road conditions and are easy to keep clean. Car magnets are easily transferable, so switching them from one vehicle to another is not a problem. Magnetic signs are perfect for the busy real estate professional who is always on the go and convey an image of professionalism. If you need more visibility, ask us about our vehicle wraps.

Dimensional Letters - Idaho Falls, ID

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are individual letters formed out of plastic, wood, foam, or metal. They have a 3D look that lends depth and character to your sign. They are most commonly used in lobbies, stores, offices, and other interior applications but are durable outdoors as well. Available in a rainbow of colors and most basic fonts, dimensional letters are an excellent solution for a classy, professional-looking sign.

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